Updates & Thanks

September 26, 2008

We started this blog a week ago and in that time we have had some spectacular results – thanks to all of you. Go check out the Sponsors and Friends – Our CommUNITY page to see all the amazing people who have supported us either by giving us funding, or products or by posting about us and helping to keep the buzz going.

Our CommUNITY (a phrase I have learned was coined by Lochai and which I love and am adopting) is vast and diverse as you can see by perusing that long list of people who have made, and continue to make, this project not only a reality but to make it successful. I have discovered many new and wonderful writers on that list and become reacquainted with old friends. Please pay a visit to all our friends and sponsors. By supporting each other all of us become better and stronger.

So, in the past week we have had over 8,000 hits and been linked on 42 blogs plus 12 of our own. We have sold a lot of days and calendars and we want to continue our efforts and sell every day.

Who should buy days? Everyone! Companies that want their name seen every month of the year should be one day a month. If you have special sales to promote, you can even include a promotion code for a specified time period. Bloggers who want to mark their blogiversaries. Readers who want to share in the fun and excitement and as what one writer, Rebecca Deos, says of our project, “You become embedded in something that becomes a cultural icon.” Rebecca also suggested we make available some signed copies of the calendar and indeed we intend to do so.

Our amazing sponsors have provided us with a lot of their fabulous products. Anyone want a NaughtiBod? We have several to give away. A Vergenza MK-1? Something bright and hard and shiny by Njoy? A sleek, elegant compact for your condoms (you know you should be using them and with plenty of good lube like Sliquid Organics Natural) from JustInCase? Keep your eyes on this page and we’ll let you know how you can win. But all of you are already winners. You’re part of this growing, welcoming commUNITY, you care about what happens within it and you want to and will make a difference.



  1. THANK YOU to Tess, Diva, Stacie and everyone else who worked on and posed for the shoot. It was, dare I say, a spanking good time, and I can’t wait to see how we all turned out! Those who are thinking about buying a calendar – do it now! You really won’t want to miss our hotness.

  2. I wanna do photo shoots with our group ALL THE TIME now!!! 🙂 I had sooooo much fun today!! Can’t wait to see the pics and the calendar.

  3. […] in age and skin tones from warm mahogany sultry 20-somethings to naughty, pale peach 50-somethings. Buy a calendar! It costs $30 (international: €20.77, ₤5.50, ¥3,177.12, etc) – includes shipping & […]

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