The Photo Shoot Has Been Shot (and we’re all still alive)

September 30, 2008

Checking into the brand new ultra sleek Thompson LES, we were met with an uncommon sight. They were using paper and pens. WTF, you ask? Their internet was down and hadn’t returned even when we finally checked out. I was pretty sure Diva’s head was going to explode. At midnight, when I wanted to watch more burlesque, my internet starved friend dragged me to the corner sweet shop where we could at last connect to WiFi.

Other than the internet issues, everything went amazingly well. Everyone looked insanely hot. Sexy, seductive, and all sorts of glamorous. The Slipper Room was a stellar backdrop for this project; so very NYC, so very burlesque. Their Floor Manager, the super sweet and super tall, Ken Ball, worked the lights, the music and kept us out of trouble. He didn’t even snicker once. At least not that I heard. Thanks Ken. I’ll tell you one thing, I may be an attention whore but that’s only until I get on stage under bright lights and then I freeze like a deer in the headlights. That I am sure my photos don’t reflect my nerves is a tribute to our team.

For making us all sorts of beautiful and glam, I want to thank Stormy. She’s not only a make up artist but a performer and when I get details about her shows I will post them here. She just turned a sexy, rocking 50. Happy birthday, beautiful Stormy.

Our hair stylist extraordinaire was the fantabulous Danny K. He is a true professional, did wonderful work in record time, pitched in with make up – all done with a bright smile. Thanks Danny for a job beautifully done.

The buxom and beautiful, Jezebel Express, was our stylist and she managed to have us contort our bodies into uncomfortable positions that looked sexy and classy and smoking hot. Well those of us that needed help, that is. Some of us seem to be naturals. Ahem, Dacia, Lux, Jamye and Riese. These women can work a stage, let me tell you.

darren Mayhem was super helpful, smiling through all the madness. Ms. Mayhem helped to assure that there was no mayhem on our set. Stacie’s able assistant on this shoot, she is also a wonderful photographer in her own right, so go and check out her flickr page for yourselves.

And Stacie Joy. What can I say? True to her name, she is a joy to work with and a consummate professional (and she likes my boobs a lot). You’ll have to wait and see the photos from this shoot but please go and look at her flickr page for some examples of her wonderful work.

Of course, all our pin ups were a delight to work with. Everyone was on time, even Rachel. After reading all Twanna‘s twitter indicating her tendency to always be running late, we made her sleep in our room so that couldn’t happen. And cause she’s so adorable and I love being around her.

As for modeling, I’m probably not going to quit my day job. If our pre-shoot dinner was any indication, modeling is not in my blood but a delicious steak and mashed potato dinner at Azul followed by chocolate for dessert at The Cocoa Bar sure was.


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