NYC Sex Blogger Calendar gets International Attention

October 6, 2008

Yes, that’s correct folks, we have garnered some overseas attention from the German site, Lust & Mehr. That would be Lust and More to us English speaking types.

You can go to the post, Bloggerinnen make Sexblogger Calendars and read it in German or have more fun with the translation I got through Yahoo’s Babel Fish:

Nothing is than the looking business – and correctly dumb to work, as it is sometimes demanded in the Bourlesque, is still more difficult – as one in the video to see more difficult can.

The film show I you today for a certain reason. There will be white a calendar the New York Sex blogger to give – among other things with as well-known names as Audacia Ray (Waking Vixen) and Rachel Kramer Bussel (Lusty lady) – like erotic, naked or otherwise as publicly accessible made a blueprint it, I not yet – Audacia knows itself however at least well out, how the business with the desire functions.

Now it is missing actually only to put together itself that all CW-Bloggerinnen, in order to arrange a calendar (on-line one hands completely, friends) – perhaps: “My dearest Christmas present and I” – and for shrinking from among you I would have there also still another solution: Bloggerinnen naked under the winter coat. Now, I know, I white, one cannot have everything – above all no good Bloggerinnen as Bourlesquetänzerinnen.

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. But it sure makes for fun reading.

If you’ve got some real German to fall back on and want to provide us with a less comical translation, please feel free to use the comments or to email.

In the meantime, I think we’ll just say thanks to Lust & Mehr in the hope that they’re trumpeting our cause or at the very least aren’t making too much fun of us!


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