PayPal and Sex

November 24, 2008

Some of you may have noticed with have moved from selling our calendar through PayPal to Audacia Ray’s store on her site Waking Vixen. This change was made last Monday after our account had been put on review for the second time by PayPal.

Last Sunday we received an email from PayPal stating that our account was under review and they were requiring additional information for four transactions that occurred on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We were able to provide the additional information they requested and our account was fully reinstated within the hour. This however was the second review we had received since opening the account. When we first opened this PayPal account we received a phone call from them questioning what exactly we would be selling.

We believe what has caused PayPal to twice now review our account is the word “sex” in both our email address and the actual calendar title. Because of this we made the decision last Monday to move the purchase transactions over to Dacia’s store. We were lucky that someone involved with this calendar already had a merchant account that made this possible.

It is obvious to us and many others in this community that PayPal is not good to use for anyone in the adult industry. We were aware of others who had had their accounts frozen and their funds taken by PayPal for what PayPal felt was a violation for their TOS. We did not think when we set up our Paypal account we would have this problem because there is no nudity in our calendar. As a matter of fact our calendar shows less skin than the Sport Illustrated calendar does but we do not want to take the risk of having the funds in our account seized.



  1. Hi I found your blog by chance I am interested in your calendar and paypal are just useless.
    It will take me some time to get up to speed with your blog but what I have read so far I enjoy

  2. […] Speaking of the Sex Blogger’s Calendar, we sometimes get questions about why we don’t take PayPal. In short, PayPal doesn’t want anything to do with anything to do with sex, as the good people at the Sex Bloggers Calendar found out. […]

  3. Good decision…

    PayPal is a terrible service and useless for any professional business. Not only in erotic…

    They can always block you and close your account, no matter if there’s money on it or not… It’s an old story 😉

    BTW, the same counts for Google. Ever put some adsense banners on a site with the word “sex” in its url? Don’t try it… And don’t try to discuss that with them, it’s a waste of brain capacity.

    When it comes to censorship all those “nice” companies are the same 😉

    Keep on rocking!

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