Look what people are writing about us:

Our fabulous sponsor, Njoy, who super generously donated the printing of this calendar, which is so beautiful you’re just going to have see it to believe says this on their events page.


Like Njoy’s fine line of products, giving you a quality calendar was one of our major considerations. And it shows in our final product!

Cory Silverberg:

I know I’ll be happy to have their smiling faces (and assorted other body parts) looking back at me in 2009.

Read the full article at About.com:Sexuality


Time Out New York has NYC SexBlogger Calendar up front on their home page this week with a picture of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s adorable spanked bottom as a lead in to a photo gallery of the pin ups along with some sexy, sassy quotes. Some shots are not the actual calendar shots. We like to keep you guessing.

NYC Sex Bloggers on Time Out NY's home page - Nov 13 -19, 2008

NYC Sex Bloggers on Time Out NY's home page - Nov 13 -19, 2008

What more can we say that Thrillist didn’t when they described Tess’s boobs like this:

Every buyer who attends the calendar release party also gets the option of touching blogger Tess’s mansion of bliss

Read their entire write up at Thrillist: The List


Em & Lo help spread the word at the Daily Bedpost and talk with Tess about the pin ups and more.

Vergenza Press Release


AVN Newsletter 11/10/08


Your Tango – Smart Talk About Love


We’re the “cream of NY’s sex blog crop” over at MetroMix NY


TakePart encourages you to support Sex Work Awareness by buying a calendar. Thanks, Guilia.


Adoration from abroad:

Le journal de la fessee gives us tons of traffic from France. Who knew the French were so enamored of spanking!


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