Purchase A Calendar


NYC Sex Bloggers Calender – $10 (US Shipping)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar – $10 (Canada Shipping)

NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar – $10 (Overseas Shipping)


  1. […] may have noticed with have moved from selling our calendar through PayPal to Audacia Ray’s store on her site Waking Vixen. This change was made last Monday after our account had been put on review […]

  2. […] Let people know about our fundraiser and the gorgeous calendar they can get for their $20 donation. […]

  3. […] when something you do or say can change someones views and opinions. A $20 donation to SWA when you purchase our calendar will go to helping SWA achieve their mission […]

  4. […] Awareness Calendar can be purchased through Dacia’s Waking Vixen merchant store located here. (Why there and not a place like PayPal, BTW? Go here for […]

  5. […] if you don’t want to wait until next Wednesday and need pin-uppy goodness right now, you can buy the calendar here for $20. All proceeds go to Sex Worker […]

  6. […] Buy the Sex Bloggers Calendar here for $20. All proceeds benefit the sex worker awareness project. […]

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